…titution moulds law foundations for global ways of the Humanity and Biosphere evolution as a brand new – Noospheric geo-cosmic development stage. The norms of this document form a freewill and conscious ethics of life activity.

That is, by means of the Noo-constitution, Earthly Humanity declares that it has been matured enough for the creation of the civilization that lives according to the Cosmic Laws and intends to provide their citizens not only General rights and freedoms but duties and responsibilities as well”.

* * *

P.Kh. Zaydfudim (Russia) – scientific activity pro-rector of the Moscow State Culture and Art University, professor, Doctor of Biological Science, Candidate of Technical Science

“The Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind, the main regulations of which the author supports absolutely, defines the NOOSPHERE concept as a universal cognitive consciousness field. The realization of this paradigm means actually an integration process for the entire world community to be united into a spiritual-ethical space. For everybody of us it gives an opportunity to take a creative part in developing the basic foundations of the NOO-SPHERE CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND. And in a very concrete manner, for the author this pattern means his personal and direct participation in the process of innovation projects of Noospheric settlements creation, local social-territorial constructions of noosphere living environment, local noosphere spiritual-ethical space to be designed and applied in practice”.

* * *

E Manusov, N.Manusova (Israel) – Ecological Systems’ and Technologies’ Center, Jerusalem. a NSEWA representative.

“On a Methodology of the Introduction of Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind”

“Transition from ecological regularities to legal laws presented in an International Legal Document NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR THE MANKIND is quite a rare, creative act that claims for a certain combination of different approaches. The main peculiarity of the first ones is their variability, and for the second ones is a unification ability. It is quite difficult to find a link between them. Here, apart from ecology and legal knowledge one needs a high ability to understand dialectics, psychology, sociology and even theology. As you see, that is a task for a whole group of high educated people. However, even a brilliant context of the articles of this

document may not be revealed to full extent if logics of its inculcation does not correspond to the sense of formulated sentences. The optimal way for the legal document Noosphere to be inculcated should contain three components, such as: an intelligible explanation of the gist which does not need an ecology knowledge from a reader; an object readiness; an inculcation stage process providing people interaction with an unusual system”.

* * *

P. G. Nikitenko (Belarus) - academician of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, Doctor of Economical Science

“…Being examined Fund Accumulation aspects are not just broadening an idea on a conceptual side of the noosphere regeneration, in a certain state they are a key moment in scientific methodology and methods of planetary and regional life activity economy sphere developments on the basis of the Noo-Constitution provisions to be realized

which has a full right to become an epoch planetary spiritual-ethical law of the noosphere civilization development of the Mankind (Terrestrials) in the 21 century.

I suppose it is possible and it is necessary to propose for the participants of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture to approve a released Noo-Constituion project, to make a necessary correction and adopt it with our discussion resolution taken into consideration”.

* * *

B.Petrovic (Serbia) - NSEWA Coordinator


«Civilization may go on only in agreement with the Nature Laws. We present the NOOSPHERE ETHICAL ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION, based upon the concept of cosmogenesis of life, as a seed for a new mankind. The resulting NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE should prepare for the evident energy struggle leading to a crash of civilization and support creation of self-sustainable communities far away from existing urban centers. The use of alternative energy sources like wind and solar, together with small hydroelectric generators, as well as organic food production will provide the NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE the model of social continuity beyond the energy crisis».

* * *

E.Stephanovich (Lithuania) – NSEWA Branch leader, member of a Party “Fair Russia”.

“Good News for a Noospheric Development of the Society”

The Noo-Constitution Ratification by the Earth Peoples’ Forum has been started in 2002 and is going on in a form of discussions at International Conferences, Forums, Congresses in time and space distributed information-like. It will open a legal possibility for peoples, parliaments, governments, confessions to share its goals and aims on the path towards a mindful future of the entire humanity.

And those of us who have not followed the lines of the Noo-Constitution and enumerated documents in a gliding manner but insistently have been clinging to thoughts with one’s thought, today understand already: at last, a Divine Good News is to be embodied into the human Being!”

* * *

Francisco Azuela (Bolivia) Writer and poet

Worldview and wisdom of ancient peoples Far from raising a theory, the spirit that inspired me this forum is to present a concrete proposal for a global strategy for the Noo-Constitution. Strengthen sustainable document the basis for a new legislative form of the global community, humanity and Planet Earth.

* * *

A.K. Adamov (Russia) – chief scientific assistant of the Russian Scientific Research Institute “Microbe” (Saratov), doctor of Medical Science, professor.

“The Noo-Constitution is the first fundamental creation work on the noosphere legislation. In articles of the Noo-Constitution clear conceptions and regulations reflecting noosphere spiritual and material structures have been formulated.

According to a human being’s destiny on the planet Earth and in the Universe, at the present state of noosphere republic structures establishing stage one should accept spreading and inculcation main regulations of the noosphere Vernadsky’s teaching, noosphere philosophy, noospherelogy and the Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind among the planetary population as a leading direction of the progressive citizens’activity.

* * *

Tuslukov V. (Russia) – “Gemma-Center”Ltd. Director

“If one stops and pays attention to only three extracts out of a new millennium fundamental law – a law declaring a transition from an individual and collective consciousness to a global, noosphere consciousness for the first time, it is not a big part of the global document, e.g. the Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind. But looking through only even this fragment protecting our biological rights for health care and living resources, one can make a conclusion that this document is to be adopted with necessity by the entire world, and the sooner, the better…”

* * *

John M. Bunzl (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Trustee, International Simultaneous Policy Organisation

«The Noo-Constitution sets out a framework for the basic laws and principles that humanity requires to live justly and sustainably. The Noo-Constitution represents a great achievement. It is truly a document for the 21st Century.

But how are we to reach a point where the world’s nations are prepared to adopt the Noo-Constitution and to implement it? How are we to get from today’s world in which nations compete economically, and for ever-scarcer raw materials, to a world where they would co-operate to implement the Noo-Constitution? We should be clear that a global constitution depends upon global co-operation. The question of how the nations of the world are to move from international competition to global co-operation is therefore central».

It’s important to recognise that co-operation will not come about simply because the Noo-Constitution sets out fine and desirable principles. For a closer look at today’s world will show that destructive international competition is deeply embedded in the global economy and how nation-states behave; it will show that a global economy on the one hand, and only national governance on the other, means that destructive competition between nations represents the standard, ‘default’, position. If we are to bring the world’s nations from competition to cooperation, then, it follows that some kind of transformative process will be needed.

To break the vicious circle, we, the would-be citizens of the world, will have to design a suitable process by which we can together drive the world’s nations towards cooperation, towards implementing solutions to global problems, towards implementing the Noo-Constitution. We will shortly discuss a practical process for doing so; a process that has already begun.

* * *

V.N. Vasilenko (Russia) – politics commentator, Ph.D., professor of the Volzhskiy Humanitarian Institute of the Volgograd State University, noo-futurologist

“The adoption of the Noo-Constitution draft project will allow in a futuristic strategic way to consider dangers of peoples’ life ability determined by a crisis of political thinking and consciousness of power subjects of the states during the globalization epoch, of humanity interaction with nature in regions of the Earth biosphere;

-To overcome “chaos” of a Cosmo politician worldview in relation with life environment, thought, activity, making decisions at the territory of planetary states;

-To overcome a crisis of sciences, education system in the field of regulation of state citizen interaction with the nature of the biosphere regions expressed through depopulation;

- To foresee a residue approach of institutes, instruments, managing mechanisms through state citizen interaction with the nature since it causes dangerous planetary consequences of eco-demographical transition and regional depopulation of Russia

“In Homo models including Homo innovaticus not only nature of an intelligent modern Human Being (Homo sapiens) and its Household state has been ignored but also the knowledge being accumulated by humanity generations. Ethic-ecological draft project of the Noospheric Constitution for Mankind demonstrates why we - citizens of the Fatherlands in the Earth biosphere- are not only have to but must in a futurological way consider our noosphere nature, a noosphere status, a noosphere function in the processes of globalization of settlements interaction with nature in the planetary regions.

Political leaders of Kazakhstan and Astana are becoming an epicenter of the molding and developing of the NOOSPHERE BASES OF THE CIVILIZATION IN EUROASIA AND IN GENERAL ON OUR ALARMING PLANET experiencing a crisis of world views and values.

I can not stop myself but remembering that a unique by natural beauty and Kazakh hospitality a resort in Borovoye during The World War II and the Great Patriotic War of the USSR peoples was a place where Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky (1941 – 1943) was accomplishing his main work named “A Chemical Structure of the Earth Biosphere and its surroundings”.

In his main life book he set out fundamental generalizations on a scientific unity of peoples with a territory of states in a non-replaced planetary House of Fatherland Being of Humanity, formulated basic ideas on a biosphere evolution into a noosphere – a sphere of intelligent life, thought, endevours made by the generations of the Earth peoples.

Kazakhstan is an acknowledged planetary leader of great initiatives revealing a Noosphere potential of the Eurasian civilization that can allow to make the world of present and future generations more secure, stable and predictable.

One can consider a closing of the Semipalatinsk nuclear polygon, Kazakhstan-2030 strategy adoption, a steady movement towards the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CIVILIZATION for such initiatives.

The World Forum of Spiritual Culture will elevate these process on a higher stage, it will become the first decisive step for a civil initiative adoption of the NOOSPHERE ETHIC-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND draft project to be accepted scientific preparations of which had been done during V.I.Vernadsky’ Borov activity period.”

* * *

E. Dudina (Canada) – NSEWA Branch leader.

“…we can observe vividly that ethics is becoming a multi-dimensional science connecting a micro- and macro-world. Morality, moral values and ideals being studied and shaped only with cosmic laws to be considered are becoming a subject of its investigation. In this regards, more and more people of the Planet understand the meaning of this document which has taken the position of a regulator between religious ethics and the state and political amorality contradiction. Therefore today one can bravely says that the NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTUIN FOR MANKIND is a scientific work on which not only modern authors L.Gordina, M.Limonad have been working but also Aristotle, and Heraclites, and Piterim Sorokin, and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and Vladimir Vernadsky, and many other scientists of the world”.

* * *

Kamran Mofid (United Kingdom of Great Britain) - director Founder, the Globalization for the Common Good Initiative (UK), PhD (Economics)

We wish to recommend that having studied the Noo-constitution this document should be accepted and commended at the World Forum of Spiritual Culture in Astana.

Adoption and introduction of the Noo-Constitution would allow Mankind to realize the following objectives:

- basic ethical principles of human life activity;

- basic rights and duties of citizens, of their unions as well as enterprises and organisations involved in the production and etc.

* * *

Sultanmurat (Kazakhstan) - MAI academician, Forum “Millenniums” coordinator at the UNO, president of the World Assembly Turk peoples, NSEWA Kazakhstan Branch leader

“The present Forum activity will have far going consequences if it manages to draw an outline of a brand new entire human civilization high spirituality of which and life activity will be appeared as organic parts of the Total.

Such spirituality that is able to become a way showing star will be revealed by consuming the best stuff of the cultural human hereditary in itself combining one’s groundless with high spiritual striving and being strengthened as society will be moving on by more decent and virtuous development paths.

In this sense stream the Noospheric Constitution worked out by the Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly that, in Jose Arguelles’ opinion, can determine a vector of the civilization development in the third millennium, deserves one’s focused attention’’.

* * *

John Fordge (Cameroon) – author monographic works on political and economical reforms in Africa

The Francourt Commonwealth Declaration on Globalisation and People-centered Development provides like the Noo-Constitution the road-map for building a sustainable society.

Some Recommendations there is increasing need for intra-national and national cooperation of all peoples to be constructively engaged in forming and strengthening common fronts for constitutions like the Noospheric one for the common good of humanity.

The world academic community must exert efforts in promoting constructive discourses on the issue of the formation of Humankind as a unitary, cosmically meaningful civilization {see Article 126:1} for the well-being of the population

The Noospheric spiritual/ecological World Assembly together with other and international organisation should exert all possible efforts for the general spread and dissemination of the ideas and practical activities for the proper deployment of the Noo-Constitutional principles [see Noo-Constitution, Article 126:2]

Within period of transition towards a more perfect noospheric organization of the life activity of Mankind, states and interstate unions will bring their national legislations into compliance with Noo-Constitution [126.3].

Constitutions of some African countries, for example [Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa] embedded many of the issues advanced by the Noo-Constitution. This is a good sign for the African continent to thread upon and seriously improve on their human Rights record, avoid conflicts and civil wars, learn to respect the diversity of humanity and culture, as well as perceive ethnic diversity as asset and not liability to development.

* * *

Eugene Pakman (USA), NSEWA, coordinator in the United States

In our opinion, at present the world community comes to a conclusion that creation of a legislative system internationally approved is one of the most privileged trends in a legislative sphere.

This system may be set up on the basis of the NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND being discussed in different countries and presented by its author Gordina Liubov Sergeyevna.

The World Assembly American Branch proposes additional provisions to be inserted into the document, observance of which by state and private structures will allow to prevent a social, humanitarian and ecological approaching calamities. Let us look through the most important principles:

-All natural raw, energy and food resources including biosphere belong to the entire humanity.

-Separate states and peoples at whose territory there are resources available due to historical circumstances and also structures and companies owning them, can use the resources according to the rent term, that is, with an obligatory deduction of the fixed rent to be paid to the world stabilization fund. The rent amount should depend on the consumed resources’ volume and the harm brought to the environment.

-Establishing of an International financial fund “The Sustain Development of Humanity” at cost of above mentioned deductions to be used for:

-World price stabilization on these resources

- Providing countries where there no such resources with these resources

- Regeneration of these resources and environment

- Cultivation of alternative energy and raw sources

- Food production increase, redistribution and its quality improving for hunger and disease to be prevented

- Establishing of three international structures of management and realization of these principles which are independent of separate governments

- The first structure is a kind of a congress of peoples, it should provide a design and execution of the legislation basis.

-The second structure is a kind of International Government, it should execute functions of management and carrying out approved decisions.

- The third structure should carry out control functions and has got a right to put economical and political sanctions on the executers who violate international agreements approved in a discussed field.

Thus, we propose the Noo-Constitution to be granted an official status which will be adopted by all of the peoples as a legal mechanism and a tool in organizing new interactions between nature and human being.

* * *

Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli (Switzerland) – World Spiritual Forum President

Rather, I would like to talk about the possible outreach and activities to be undertaken for the immediate implementation of Noospheric knowledge and the Noo -Constitution; how they can be brought to the wider public and not just to the intellectual and spiritual world. Looking at the main task of this conference, it says:

“To show a realistic way out for civilization from the global systematic critical condition …”

Noospheric knowledge and the Noo - Constitution are the perfect tools for this journey, once they are agreed and adopted by all nations.

And here, to show the feasibility of such endeavours, I would like to mention the example of two small villages in Switzerland, which could serve as an example for the whole world and show the vast potential of the Noo -Constitution.

* * *

V.N.Lisin – academician of the International Informatization Academy, E.D.Panov – writer, journalist (Russia)

As it has been presented in methodological works a new paradigm will be appreciated in an education sphere first of all (a totalistic worldview), but then, in case of a successful development of the process, one can expect a technological (energy-informational) outlet towards new principles and ways for the Being to be organized.

Therefore, the concept of Noo-Constituion project, separate articles and parts can be interpreted as a draft prototype for further international community activity towards consolidation.

* * *

Dr. Nina Meyerhof (USA) – President and Founder “Children of the Earth” (UN), Ed.D., 2Masters, and CAGS.

Children of the Earth as a UN NGO devoting the last 20 years for the evolution of Principles and Ethics that guide our youth Rights and Responsibilities focused on the new emerging holistic authentic education as building character so each youth and child can experience their own personal inner potential and make a lifelong commitment to building a New Civilization in supporting the Noospheric Constitution.

* * *

Roger Nelson (USA, the Princeton University) - Doctor of Science, Director of “The Global Consciousness Project” Center


«The Global Consciousness Project uses experimental research technology to identify and learn about a still-very-young consciousness for the earth. This global consciousness is formed by the interconnection and interaction of human beings all over the world, just as the mind is formed by the interaction of neurons in the brain. In the brain, cooperation is the rule, but in the world it is the exception. The global consciousness coalesces only when great events bring us together, make us focus and temporarily share understanding and emotion. The Noo-Constitution is a framework within which we can come together. The scientific evidence provided by GCP is part of the educational and political picture: humanity must recognize its responsibility to refocus its creativity»

The Noo-Constitution is a framework within which we can come together.

The Noo-Constitution defines an enormous challenge for today and the years to come. It is to change the understanding of the mass of humanity by re-framing where we are and what our alternatives are for the future. To survive and prosper, we need to give resources and intelligence to our maturation as fully human beings. For this we must interact in a way that is new: it is time to recognize that we are humanity, an organism with purpose, no longer a scattered collection of elemental individuals. Scientific evidence for a global consciousness shows our interconnection and interdependence, which are fundamental to the viability of the Noo-Constitution. Broad public recognition of the noosphere will support a concerted effort to relearn how individuals, groups, communities, and nations relate to each other. The goal is interactions based on the common interests of health, safety, and respect for all beings. When we accept that the noosphere is possible, desirable, and within our reach, we will be on the way to our evolutionary destiny as a sheath of intelligence for the earth.

Human beings can and sometimes do connect or commune, unconsciously but effectively, to produce changes they cannot see but which model the changes we must achieve as a species that dominates the earth. The evidence supports V. I. Vernadsky's and Teilhard de Chardin's vision of the noosphere – a sheath of intelligence they believed would coat and protect the earth when humans advanced to the next stage of evolution.

The Noo-Constitution, as framed by L.Gordina and М.Limonad, provides a foundation and clear descriptions for a new, healthy and respectful relationship among peoples and the earth. (2006)

It is time for us to recognize and adopt a Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution and in so doing lay the groundwork for the transition from biosphere to noosphere envisioned by Vernadsky and predicted by Teilhard.

* * *

Jorn Erik Ommang (Norway, Spain) - Private consultant company, Project Manager / New Energy Specialist, Enerley.com / Enerley Creations

Spirituality is more than religions, dogmas and cults and ethics is more than rules and laws - they are inner qualities in all Men and Women and in the Earth itself through the Noosphere - we have to learn how to put these qualities of life into daily action to save the future of our Blue Living Planet - "NOOSPHERE" is the conscious field around our "living planet earth" - like Gaia we are part of it and it is part of us.

Innovative (Noospheric) technologies such as an environmental friendly, cheap and decentralized energy system along with healthy drinking water, good irrigation, knowledge of who we really are and optimal intuitive / spiritual / ethical decision making will be real success factors for the future of the Noo-Constitution and the growth of the Worlds Spiritual Culture.

* * *

Marko Pogačnik (Slovenija) – artist, academic sculptor

As I mentioned already above, those articles of the Noo-Constitution should be reconsidered that refer to the Earth as our planetary home. Some of my proposals are following:

- The autonomous status that the Constitution is giving to the human race should be granted also to the planet Earth and its Elemental consciousness. Planet Earth and its Elemental consciousness should be recognized as equal partners to humanity in the process of developing the new planetary culture. (Articles of the chapter 21)

- Besides new regime of interacting with the planet’s environment, as stated in the Articles of the chapter 22, also the aspect of love and appreciation towards our planetary home should be stressed and the need to respect the uniqueness of the Earth’s environment and consciousness.

Finally I would like to express my enthusiasm about the Noo-Constitution of the planet Earth. I see it as a sincere attempt to formulate the rules according to which it is possible to create a community of peace among all living beings upon the Earth. Consciousness, the noosphere, is what connects human culture and Gaia’s nature in such a way that intelligent cooperation between both partners is possible.

I expect that the World Forum of Spiritual Culture will complement the Noo-Constitution with our proposals and forward it to United Nations as one of the documents that trace the path of humanity towards the future, that needs to be created now.

* * *

Mr. Hiroo Saionji (Japan ) - President the Goi Peace Foundation

What kind of a planetary civilization are we trying to create? What transformational process must humanity undergo, and how can we prepare ourselves for this major transition?

These are the questions that we must now explore by combining wisdom and new knowledge form all fields of endeavor, including science, philosophy, education, religion, and the arts.

The Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution for Mankind (Noo-Constitution) is indeed a worthy effort in this direction, providing a concrete vision of a world order for a new era. It is very much in alignment with the Creating a New Civilization Initiative in that it integrates the four components: sustainability, systems, science, and spirituality.

The Noo-Constitution also has much in common with the concepts expressed in the Declaration for All Life on Earth, which the Goi Peace Foundation launched in 2000 and which provides for our basic vision of a new civilization. Both documents set forth universal values and principles to be shared by all humanity, and emphasize the mission and responsibility of each individual as a member of our living planet in the evolving universe. They underscore the importance of human consciousness or noosphere as the foundation of peace and harmony in the world, and encourage global cooperation for the balanced development of mankind and nature, as well as the spiritual and material.

* * *

S.Ugrimov, A.Andrushevich (Germany, Switzerland) – NSEWA representatives in Germany and Switzerland

One can call the creation of a general schedule for the humanity development as a most needed its actual task at present. In this regards, I would like to express my hottest appreciation for creators of the NOOSOHERE ETHIC-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND document (Noo-Constitution) and to declare about my wish and readiness to take part in its further development and promotion.

Every person who has been got acquainted with this epoch-like creation, immediately pays attention to its creative tendency, the highest humanism, tolerance and a highly-professional execution. A special adornment I would like to express in relation with a self-developing mechanism being put into the Noo-Constitution structure, its flexibility and adaptability to such fast and dynamically changing life realms.

The whole document is almost filled through with highly spiritual principles, it puts an end to a many thousand year humanity history and guides itinerary towards its optimal and further secure development.

* * *

A.Mikheyev (Russia) - docent of the State University of Higher Economics School, St-Petersburg

Regulations of the Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind are most completely meeting current scientific and spiritual knowledge on a human being consciousness and human being needs in its multifaceted evolution and approach towards a Macro-cosmic consciousness.

* * *

Pozharsky (Russia) - professor of Psychology and Acme-logy Department of the Smolny Institute of RAO, S-Petersburg

Noospheric approach in acme-logy (science on education methods) allows to examine top-like periods in development of nature and human being, a human being in nature, especially in noospheric potential realization of personalities in the generations.

It seems necessary on the basis of the topping development analysis to estimate the past and through acme-logical categories an attempt to be made for comprehension of the highest goals of a future civilization in the process of biosphere evolution into noosphere.

In our opinion, application of a key acme-project of the Noo-Constitution “grown up” from the noosphere teaching in a futuristic logical sense, principally not possible if top-like mind achievements of the generations in science, education system, policy and managing of humankind life globalization are excluded.

* * *

Jean de Dieu Basabose (Rwanda) - Executive Director Shalom Educating for Peace, Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

The proposed Noo-Constitution could be effectively adopted through sustainable socio-spiritual culture. The role of harmonious socio-spiritual civilization is vital in ensuring the establishment of the universal peace, cessation of wars and violence, prevention of the destruction of the planet and preservation of the human society. It is important to recall that there are many violent conflicts in different parts of the globe that have roots in religious misunderstandings. Intolerance between religions and overly rigid dogma causes violence every day. Let us recall “The Troubles” between Catholics and Protestants in North Ireland, the current conflict between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq. No one can ignore the religious aspect of the conflict between Israeli and Palestinians. The history of these descendants of Abraham, although characterized by long-standing violent conflict, is offering opportunity to understand the need of building concord among and between religious. These conflicts dictate the necessity of promoting harmonious spiritual culture.

The Noo-Constitution would help us move towards the needed harmony. A healthy spirituality values the principles of partnership between cultures. It encourages dialogue among and between cultures. It doesn’t just tolerate differences; it celebrates and respects differences. The most rigid and intolerant orthodoxy is bred by insecurity. It is when we are least sure that we pretend to be doubly sure. But true spiritual culture recognizes our connectedness and dependence on each other. Thus the role of consolidating spiritual culture for effective and efficient Noo-Constitution is certain.

Spiritual culture has the potential to transform our societies by moving people away from militaristic outlets for aggression to spiritual-humanistic ways of resolving quotidian conflicts. It values life and fosters basic ethical principles of human community, which are benchmarks of the Noo-Constitution. The proposed Noo-Constitution, if followed, could significantly contribute to building a just and inclusive human society. Such a society could be more resistant to human violent conflict and resilient even when catastrophic natural disasters happen. Spiritual culture is the force empowering humans to shape and sustain such a society.

We must demilitarize both hands and minds. Developing conscientious objection should be a core concern of building a safer and promising future in a resilient human society. The Noo-Constitution recognizes this.

* * *

Mayumi Jingu (Hawaii, Japan) – co-chairman of the Planetary Academic Federation of scientists, a NSEWA representative

The concept of Fieldship empowers the role of Noosphere as it presents an active application of Noospheric operations for mankind uniting the world citizens’ conscious activities unanimously without being limited by any non-noospheric given borders.

In Fieldship, the operational order for the sustainable physical actualization into human society is clearly understood; a universal composition work should be completed at Noospheric level prior to the physical constitution stage. For this reason, PAF proposes NSEWA take a Fieldship approach in order for the Noo-Constituion to be in effect in the world human operations in a most certain way:

At the Noospheric level, the points such as the numeral figure for military funds should be ‘zero’ as no other numerals function as a universal semantic/cognitive/ consciousness field.

In order for the world movements to be genuinely effective and ‘real’, humanity needs to be aware of the importance of applying an authentic scientific approach which unites nature, society and human with no exceptions. Regardless of the status quo of the individual nation’s given situation, any man/woman who represents a certain genetic and cultural line could utilize one’s presence as the most advanced universal cosmo-physical apparatus to co-organize and coordinate the man-made world constitutions with no more difficulties.

* * *

Frederick David Woolfson (Canada) - President “The Club of Budapest Canada”, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws

Fortunately thanks to the on-going efforts of our many colleagues who created the Noospheric Spiritual/Ecological World Assembly and the numerous forums and gatherings convened so far we have the “Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution for Humankind”. This foundational document of a truly planetary civilization is an evolutionary and living Constitution for all humanity and is the first such document of its kind intended to have collective legal rights and responsibilities for both Humanity and Planet Earth above and beyond the existing legal frameworks of nation-states.

As this crucial document is ‘by and for the People of the World’ it should be the people of the world who carry it forward to ratification and implementation worldwide. The means to do so are at hand and the Noospheric Constitution can be a central mission of growing global grassroots initiatives to enable synergistic collaboration among millions of planetary citizens and ‘better world’ organizations.

I have myself co-initiated two such attempts in association with the Club of Budapest - the World Wisdom Alliance in 2006 and the Worldshift Alliance in 2009. Presently I am on the planning group of a major, new like-minded initiative joining forces with many other individuals and organizations.

The key aspects of these initiatives are two-fold in my view. The first is the creation of a global on-line ‘Mega-Community’. A ‘community of communities’ which will bring together all sectors of society and all cultures as well as ecological groups, peace groups, development groups, poverty groups, etc. working for a better world through a multi-faceted Web-based community. The tools to create such a global mega-community exist today for the first in our history.

Ultimately, hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of people can connect, communicate and collaborate in shared vision and action toward a sustainable, just and peaceful world and future for humanity. It will be a worldwide community of planetary citizens and organizations who can together shift the future from our present path of breakdown to one of breakthrough, based upon the Noospheric Constitution as the foundational document of this global community and eventually planetary civilization.

Secondly, as this global community is created as a self-organizing, evolving and sustainable virtual organism it generates a World Movement of planetary citizens towards a sustainable, just and peaceful future. This collaborative World Movement will feature shared Campaigns, World Days, Global Events, Media and Education and can integrate the People’s online ratification and real-world implementation of a Noospheric Constitution as its central element.

Both the related Mega-Community and World Movement are now in the process of co-creation. Everyone can join in this shared effort. Synergistic collaboration and integration is now the key to our shared future.

Acting today for tomorrow we can choose to apply our efforts collaboratively for the benefit of all Humankind. We will then begin a remarkable new chapter in Humanity’s Evolutionary Story - the coming of the Noospheric Age!

* * *

Stamen Stamenov (Bulgaria) – TV-reporter, Head of the NSEWA Representation Office in Bulgaria

In a modern planetary energy-information matrix of society which was called a MerKaBa by the ancient Initiated Ones there is no any spiritual compound unit at all as the most important substance which is a guarantee of the further civilization development.

That is why the most important thing which is to be done by modern humanity is an urgent planetary field structure to be generated with highly spiritual vibrations. Since it has been vitally important to generate alignment for the Planet and set up Christ-Consciousness grids around it, now for humanity it is a vital necessity to generate alignment of Spirituality high vibrations into an updated energy-information matrix of the human society of the Earth. Because of this reason the Noospheric–Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind which is to be adopted by all of the parliaments of every country in the world is very necessary right now. As professor Liubov Gordina underlines: the Noo-Constitution of the modern world is “a kind of NOOSPHERE TESTAMENT for young generation of the inhabitants of the Earth to be proposed by us as an ideological and worldview conception …”

* * *

Surya Nath Prasad (India) – Professor Emeritus, M.A., M. Ed., M. Phil, Ph. D. (Education), Founder and Editor, and Executive Vice President Respectively, Peace Education: An International Journal and International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP).

But man-making peace education based of five elements of man and woman would be novel and unique idea for mankind for its own survival and for generation to come. Therefore peace education based on five elements of man and woman should be foremost and prime aim of Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution of Mankind.

* * *

Norma Susana Roberts (Argentine)

Dr Lit Honoris Cause – WAAC-2009, Vice. Director IFLAC Argentina and Sudamerica,Honorary Chairman. Hispano-American Writers union, Honorary Member Global Harmony Association, Honorary Member Bolivian Society of Arts MCA Bilingual Argentine, Universal Ambassador of Peace-Circle Ambassadors –Swiss

-Today large organizations NGOs, government institutions and no governmental institutions and others groups constantly warn us that danger is imminent, complex and large-scale planetary. The Noo-Constitution offers the changes, this legislation accept diversity. I think changes will come only when we implement principles of harmony in the world of the spheres, some of them cited for eg. in the Noo-Constitution of Global Harmony Association-(I’m a collaborator),among others organizations that are in the same struggle for an universal well being in the way of peace for peoples and nations, without this basis we cannot give neither the first step. Our purpose in this organization is to protect life and every expression of life on earth as every living creature in the nearby area and this theory achieve positive and sustainable change for the development of life on the planet.

* * *

Rosa Mabel Toribio Hinostroza (Peru ) - Collaborator Self-employed and Earth Charter Peru (NGO), MSc in Holistic Sciences

We cannot know the future, we will never take enough measures for preventing possible problems, but we all can see the trends and we all can dream of the future we envision for us. The Noo-Constitution is a great effort that appeals to the participation of different organizations, at the national and international levels, for taking more drastic measures. Even it has a clear universalistic tendency, is a good excuse for discussing and starting to live the future in the present, and give way to the transformations we need for preserving life, for our own sake and of the planet.




Журнал «Ноосфера. Общество. Человек»

 (Ноосферная цивилизация. Noospheric civilization)

«Noosfera. Obshchestvo. Chelovek»




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